20% project – entry 2

This week, I focused more on the other aspect of my topic: the uses of technology in rehabilitative speech therapy. I found out that in addition to websites with teaching tips, several apps have been developed to allow speech therapists and language acquisition teachers to assess and and improve communicative abnormalities. I have listed some of my favorites below:

  • The Sunny Articulation Phonology Test Kit is a highly developed and praised assessment app that contains assessment tests that take approximately 9-20 minutes to complete. The app then displays the student’s current level and points out major speech abnormalities. It then gives basic treatment options to address the speech disabilities.
  • Speech Trainer 3D is a great tool especially for adult learners. It contains three dimensional interactive diagrams of each vowel and consonant in the english language. This app can show users many of the mechanics of sound production by displaying and highlighting areas of the mouth and throat needed to produce each sound.
  •  The new Geek SLP app is a free online archive that contains dozens of app reviews and other resources for speech therapists, teachers, and parents to use when teaching students with communication disorders. It is constantly updated with new information and reviews.

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